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Senior People and Senior Pets Go Great Together!
Pets are the perfect companion yet for many reasons seniors may not have the ability to be full-time pet parents.
  • Walking a dog 3-4 times a day can be physically challenging
  • Seniors who no longer drive can't get their pets to the veterinarian or groomer
  • The general expense of having a pet can become expensive. (i.e. food,
    veterinarian, grooming, toys)
  • Having a pet is a full-time commitment

At My BFF, (Best Friends Forever) we make it easy. We think pets, specifically older canines, are excellent home healthcare companions. After all, companionship is what we all want, need and crave. My BFF will pair your senior loved one with an older, calm and gentle four legged friend for stress-free visits.

Benefits of My BFF
My BFF allows your senior loved one to spend quality *alone* time with a pet without all the responsibility that goes with pet ownership. Through the years there have been numerous studies that prove pets can be great health boosters for seniors. However loneliness is something that can be tough to cure, but not impossible.

Why Senior Pets?
  • Senior pets are mature, have a life experience and are calmer than their younger counterparts.
  • Housetrained and won't chew your shoes.
  • Older dogs have learned what "no" means and gets along with others.
  • Older dogs are experienced at giving love and are instant companions.
  • Older dogs don't make the demands and attention younger dogs tend to do.

How My BFF Works
My BFF pairs you with your new BFF through a variety of partnerships:

  • We have senior pets from private citizens who want to give their pets the opportunity to socialize and spend time with your senior loved one.
  • MY BFF works with local rescue groups who foster senior pets as they await new homes.
  • Our senior clients will have the opportunity to choose their new BFF by filing out a simple questionnaire, which will help us match a senior pet that best suits their personality.

All Dogs are My BFF Approved

  • All dogs are up-to-date on their vaccinations
  • MY BFF dogs are not therapy dogs, but will respond to basic commands
  • All senior MY BFF dogs have been properly socialized

Frequently Asked Questions

Will My BFF dogs ever get adopted?
Yes, some of them will since some are foster dogs and will eventually go to loving homes. However, his new family may decide to stay in the My BFF program. Having a My BFF dog that is being fostered also benefits our local rescue groups since part of the fees paid by clients will go to the rescue organization.

Why would people want to share their pet?
People are busy, and many pet parents work long hours. What better compliment would it be to know that a loving senior, who longs for companionship, can spend time with their pet who may otherwise be home alone.

Are dogs stressed when they're with their BFF?
We would never just drop off a dog and leave him alone with their new senior friend. We make sure it's a good match and monitor the situation before giving them alone time. Remember, these are senior pets who are laid back!

Are seniors required to walk or feed the dog?
Because of the short amount of time they spend together, that isn't necessary. We walk and feed our dogs before drop off. However, we do leave our clients with little treats and a portable water bowl just in case.

My BFF is fully bonded and insured by the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters